About Us

The meaning behind our clothing....

What does INWU stand for?

I'm Nothing Without U™ abbreviated INWU™ is a company fusing fashion with morals and values. Established in 2010.(Spring of that year). Rebranded in 2014.

Like a Child needs his/her Mother/Father/Guardian. Like a Patient needs a nurse/doctor. Like a Student need their teacher, Like a King/Queen needs their country.... the list is endless. We all need at least one or more person(s) to exist. WE need each other as a believer we need God.

The clothing brand "I'm Nothing Without U™ " - abbrev as INWU™ is a concept based on the notion that "No Man is An Island".

A slogan which is widely known.... The "U" being reflective ultimately represents "I'm Nothing Without God*"

Everything about us aims to inspire you to think and work as a team. We challenge the status quo "I'm out to get mine" but in actual fact.. I'm Nothing Without U 

*(John 15:5).