About Us

What does INWU(pronouced in-woo)
 stand for?

I'm Nothing Without U™, abbreviated INWU™, is a company fusing fashion with morals and values. Established in 2010. (Spring of that year). Re-branded in 2014.

Like a Child needs their Mother, Father or Guardian. Like a Patient needs a Nurse or Doctor. Like a Student needs their Teacher, Like a King or Queen needs their Country, likewise a Christian needs God...the list is endless. We all need at least one or more person(s) to exist. In this world we need each other 

Our clothing brand suggests the notion that "No Man is An Island".  A slogan which is widely known. The "U" being reflective ultimately represents "I'm Nothing Without God

Our partnership with UCharity helps us to support their work and activities within the community.

INWU aims to inspire you to think and work as a team, we challenge the status quo "I'm out to get mine" but in actual fact. I'm Nothing Without U.

More than just a brand, more than just clothing. INWU is a lifestyle!

*(John 15:5).